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Homeschool, Daytime & Evening 
Dance Classes

The Dance Studio is a special and magical place for the young dancer. Our directors and many members of our faculty are licensed Early Childhood professionals. We make our young dancers feel like the stars they are. Please visit our classes page to learn more about the classes in our program. Below is a list of Early Childhood classes and classes for the young dancer.

Toddler dance and play - 18months-36 months

Pre-dance - for ages 3-5 

Ballet Fairytales - ages 4-6

Combo (Ballet/Jazz/Tap, etc) classes - ages 5-7   

Jr Classes - ages 6-9 

Young Child Series: Image
Young Child Series: Classes
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Join One of Our Classes Friday Mornings!

Move & Groove with us to improve literacy, counting principles, rhythm & physical fitness!

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