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Our Performance Team is made up of dancers that are interested in joining a team that feels like a community and family. We perform, take field trips, and compete in local competitions. We are focused on team spirit and have a non- competitive goal. We use our local competitions as performance venues and enjoy being together as a team. This is a great alternative to a team sport while still experiencing team togetherness and support. We are excited as we enter our 10th year of our performance team in Wilbraham!

Our dance team is a unique one, as it is built on growth and celebration. Growing together and celebrating each other as we experience the art of movement. The Dance Studio Dance Team is a non-audition team. We welcome all levels of dancers as long as the dancer can meet the commitment of the team (attending rehearsals and classes each week). Our staff holds a Team Audition each spring, but this is for placement ONLY. This audition ensures each dancer is placed with a group of their peers that are of equal age and ability level. 

Over the years our team has grown from 10 to over 45 dancers ages 5-18. 

Many of our dancers have gone on to perform in professional stage productions, college productions, and even film and TV. We are so proud of their accomplishments and it has been our privilege to work with these wonderful dancers!!!

For more information on our team please email us at

Performance Team/Competition Team: About Us
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