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Please see below for all registration, tuition, and payment information.

We have several options for registration:  

1. Register Online Via our Parent Portal

2. You may print and scan a traditional form to email. 

3. Mail it to the studio's mailing address.

We have several options for payment: 

  1. To create an account on the parent portal you must have a credit card on file*

  2. Payments may be made in cash, card, or check (made to: thedancestudio)

  3. Any payments not made by the 10th will be processed through the portal to the card on file.

*due to the large number of delinquent accounts, a credit card on file is required to register a child.

Registrations/Payments: List


Visit the Parent Portal

Please see our payment Policies below for more details.


Download a PDF version of the Registration Form (one per dancer) by clicking the link below.

Click here for the Registration Form

Print and complete the form(s).

Write a check payable to The Dance Studio for $20 per dancer or $30 per family.

Mail both Registration Form(s) and check to the studio at:

The Dance Studio
Attn: Registration
35 Post Office Park
Wilbraham, MA 01095




1 Class

9 payments of $50 per month for 1 student, or $450 for the year. 
Sibling discounts available.


2 Classes

9 payments of $90 per month for 1 student, or $810 for the year. 
Sibling discounts available.


3 Classes

9 payments of $130 per month for 1 student, or $1,170 for the year. 
Sibling discounts available.


4 Classes

9 payments of $170 per month for 1 student, or $1,530 for the year. 
Sibling discounts available.


5+ Classes = Unlimited

9 payments of $230 per month for 1 student, or $2,070 for the year. 
Sibling discounts available.
Competition Team eligible.


*Unlimited Only*

Ask us about our rates for families with 2 or more children at the $225 unlimited rate.


Performance Team: 3 classes & 1 or 2 rehearsal per week

9 payments of $175 per month for 1 student, or $1,575 for the year.

$30 * TEAM ADD - ON

Competition Team:
Additional classes beyond base package

9 payments of $30 per month for 1 student, or $270 for the year.


Solos/Duos/Trios/Small Groups

See Team Guidelines.
Separate from monthly tuition.

Registrations/Payments: Price List



All families will be required to have a credit card on file. Families may pay with an alternate method of payment prior to the 15th of the month. Credit cards will be charged by the end of the month if alternate payment has not been received. See below for late fee information.


All Students must have a liability form, registration fee and first tuition payment paid in full on or before the student’s first class.  


All tuition payments are due the first class of each month/session. Any account more than 15 days late will be subject to a $20.00 late fee.  

Students with accounts more than 30 days overdue will not be allowed to attend class(es) until all overdue amounts are paid.  

Return checks will be charged a $25.00 return check fee.  

Students will be responsible for the cost of all shoes and/or apparel needed for class including performance costumes and accessories.

  • All costume payments are due in March for each class a student attends.

  • Ticket purchase of $105 which includes 10 tickets and video due no later than the week before the performance.

  • Specific Recital date TBD in May/June


  • If a student discontinues a class, a notification of cancellation must be given to the studio. If a class is discontinued and the studio is not notified, tuition is still due until notification is given and the student is dropped from the class.

  • If a student misses class for any reason, a refund or makeup class will not be available.

  • If class is canceled by the studio due to weather, venue conflicts, or for any other reason, a makeup class will be offered when possible, or class tuition credit will be applied to the student's account if a makeup class is not able to be scheduled.

    • If a makeup class is scheduled, but the student is unable to attend, a refund/credit will not be applied.

Payment options:
Visa / Master Card / American Express (manually or via autopay)
Personal check

Registrations/Payments: Text
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