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Most classes are designed for a 2 yr curriculum. Classes are designed for students to participate in the same level for 2 years. This enhances their technique understanding. The first year they are the followers, the 2nd they are the leaders changing their experience.



Ages 3-5 Years

The young dancers learn body awareness, listening and classroom skills, as well as balance and flexibility through the exploration of space, patterning, rhythm and counting to music. This class encourages imagination and creative learning.



Ages 5-8 Years

This Class is designed to motivate the early childhood dancer by offering two techniques in one split hour class (1/2 hour each of 2 technique; Tap, Jazz, Acro or Ballet). This offers the student an opportunity to discover a variety of dance forms. All of our combination classes are designed to meet a young dancer growing physical and social emotional  needs. Incorporating 2 techniques in a 1 hour class allows for students to stay engaged for the duration of the hour class.


Ballet Dancers

Ages 7 and up

This classical technique is a must-have for all dancers. It enables the student to learn correct posture and grace while building strength and control. Our classes are taught based on a classical ballet syllabus and includes barre, adagio, petit and grand allegro. Ballet Classes are taught to classical music accompaniment. *(2 yr class curriculum) 
All classical ballet techniques class are taught by former professional ballet dancer and The Dance Studio's artistic director Angela Vital-Martowski. Angela is also a professor for the visual and performing arts department of Springfield College, where she is the head of Ballet technique and theory.



Ages 7 and up

This class will make you move! Our Jazz classes explore rhythm and coordination through many styles including hip-hop, funk, and classical jazz. Create a Jazz style all our own. All jazz classes are taught to the latest pop, rock and R&B music. The jazz dance class includes body isolation and strengthening techniques, ballet and Jazz vocabulary skills, stretching and flexibility . All  explored through center and across the floor combinations. The jazz dance classes develop the students’ coordination, reaction speed, and sense of rhythm. *(2 yr curriculum)



Ages 9 and up

This Class is done bare foot and uses a combination of movements to express feeling and phrasing. The class begins with a warm up that will evolve into a full body combination. Modern/contemporary dance incorporates Ballet and Jazz elements to create an interpretive style of dance. This technique allows dancers the freedom to express emotion and feeling. All styles of music are incorporated in this class.


Tap Shoes

Ages 7 and up

Our Tap classes use rhythm and percussion, combined with music, to create a new twist on the classic tap class.



Ages 7 and up

This dance technique integrates dance and floor gymnastics together in one technique. Students will learn mat and arial tricks, like cartwheels, back bends, walk overs, limbers and more.


Image by Jordhan Madec

Ages 9 and up

A stylized jazz dance technique mixed with theatrical elements such as acting and singing. Dancers will dance to songs from hit Broadway musicals, explore character development, and learn famous Broadway choreography from well known choreographers such as Bob Fosse and Jerome Robbins, as well as choreography performed by the Radio City Rockettes!



Ages 4-6

This themed beginner ballet class will enable children to experience classical ballet technique through the magic of fairy tales. This introduction to ballet class is complete with dress up tutus, fairy wings, wands and crowns.


Young Ballerinas

Age 2

Let your toddler experience the joy of interacting with others in a fun learning environment. This class is geared for 2 year olds that would enjoy playing and dancing with peers of their own age.

Toddler Dance & Play is a toddlers first experience in a dance class. We make it fun and exciting filled with music, movement and activities. This class is designed to be our littlest dancers first experience with dance. Allowing them to explore and learn in a comfortable environment that is understanding of a toddlers attention span. Short interactive learn moments, allow for the toddlers to dance and learn while allowing them the freedom to be themselves.   

Parents/caregivers are welcome to join or older toddlers can come in to class on their own. 
and encouraging self esteem.



Ages 7 and up

High Energy class for both boys and girls who are looking to groove and keep rhythm on the latest styles of hip-hop dance. This class will develop their confidence, body control, improvisation, and choreographic- performance skills.


Playing a Drum

Ages 10 and up

This introductory class welcomes you to have fun and learn the basic principles of rhythm and fundamental movements of West African Dance. It is a full body integration class where dancers will gain flexibility, core strength, improve stamina, group interactions, and experience West African music!

* Pre-Dance and Ballet Fairytales are early childhood classes. These classes are 45 minutes with 2 instructors (sometimes throughout the year, and other times as we get closer to the recital dependent on class size.) Tuition prices are the same as the 1 hour class to enable payment to 2 instructors. (This information can also be found on our class descriptions page.)

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