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Dance Instructor/Choreographer

Taionna's passion for dance began at just 15 months old.  She has been dedicated to studying the art of dance by training at various studios with a variety of dance teams.  She has even worked with a plethora of choreographers and dance instructors.  She has explored and worked on many dance genres and techniques, including Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Modern (Horton, Limon, Graham), and African.  However, Hip Hop has her heart.  As a recent college graduate from Dean College receiving a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Management, an Associates of Science Degree in Business, and an Associates of Arts degree in Dance, Taionna has always included dance in her future life plans as a career.  She has become a well rounded dancer, instructor, and choreographer dedicated to performing and sharing her passion for dance with others.  Her desire to teach, instruct, choreograph and inspire comes from her personal mission which is to motivate the individuals around her to desire to be successful while driving the mindset of "Hungry but Humble".  She hopes to inspire at least 1 person a day to be successful not only for themselves but for generations to come.

Taionna Pope: TeamMember
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